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Gluten Free Lifestyle

RRP $13.99

A gluten free diet can be fun and delicious!

This is not a fad diet, or short term weight loss program that sometimes makes you worse off than before you started.

Going gluten free is a necessity for some people and is prescribed to 1 out of every 100 people doctors and health professionals every day!

But don't feel like you are doomed to boring food and a life of despair. In my new book I show you everything you need to now about turning your gluten free diet into a fun and delicious lifestyle that you and your family can enjoy!

Here's what you will learn inside:

  • What the heck is gluten and should I avoid it?
  • The benefits of a gluten free diet
  • Why weight loss is easier on a gluten free diet
  • Practical advice on how to start living a gluten free lifestyle
  • Shopping tips for going gluten free
  • Gluten free meal planning
  • How celebrities are getting results with a gluten free diet
  • And much, much more..

Let's turn your gluten free diet into fun together. Get "Gluten Free Lifestyle" today!

Healthy Lifestyle - Natural Tips To Live Healthy And Long - Ancient Health Tips And Techniques For A Healthy Life

RRP $16.99

Table of Contents Healthy Lifestyle - Natural Tips to Live Healthy and Long Introduction Rules of Nutrition Vegetarian Diet So Why Do We Fall Sick? How to Use Fruit and Vegetables Effectively Food Peelings Diseases and Diet Control Reducing Your Weight Foods to Help You Lose Weight Permanent Weight Loss Remedy Conclusion Author Bio Publisher Introduction Just go through any of the books, talking about the wisdom of the ages. You are going to find that longevity was the rule and not the exception. The allocated age of Three score and 10 given by nature to man was much more ages ago, because they had learned the rules of simple living in the most healthy manner possible. Even though the 21st century may have its own accompanying health risks, including pollution, toxic waste, and other environmental problems, well calculated to make a human lifespan short, here are some ancient tips and techniques, which are still in use. All over the world, people are still following these common sense actions which can keep you healthy and increase your lifespan.

Style In Translation

RRP $354.99

This book attempts to explore style-a traditional topic-in literary translation with a corpus-based approach. A parallel corpus consisting of the English translations of modern and contemporary Chinese novels is introduced and used as the major context for the research. The style in translation is approached from perspectives of the author/the source text, the translated texts and the translator. Both the parallel model and the comparable model are employed and a multiple-complex model of comparison is proposed. The research model, both quantitative and qualitative, is duplicable within other language pairs. Apart from the basics of corpus building, readers may notice that literary texts offer an ideal context for stylistic research and a parallel corpus of literary texts may provide various observations to the style in translation. In this book, readers may find a close interaction between translation theory and practice. Tables and figures are used to help the argumentation. The book will be of interest to postgraduate students, teachers and professionals who are interested in corpus-based translation studies and stylistics.


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